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Conveniently located just a short distance from the main Tour Bus Parking and staging area in beautiful downtown Leavenworth, Washington. Our convenient location is on the corner of 9th and Commercial Streets. This location assures all our guests are within easy walking distance to museums, parks, shops and lodging facilities while enjoying their bavarian experience.

  • Quality food, pricing, and service.  The Tumwater Inn, Restaurant & Lounge is known for serving only the finest quality food and beverages to our guests at prices which reflect good value with outstanding service.
  • Hours of Operation.  The Tumwater Inn opens at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. on week-ends.  During January, February, and March, we are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Customer service.  To continue our fine customer service, The Tumwater Inn has always been a Full Service Restaurant and Lounge.  Non-smoking, Senior Entrees, Children's Menu and Homemade Desserts.
  • Contact us.  Phone-1-509-548-4232 (restaurant) / 1-509-548-1477 (office). 
    E-mail -
  • Special needs, special diets, large and small groups, we are there.  1-509-548-4232 / 1-509-548-1477.


A deposit of $10.00 per person is required for all group reservations at the time the reservation is made. Deposits can be issued via check or credit card. Once we receive your deposit, your reservation is guaranteed at that time, and until that time, there is no commitment in place. The Tumwater Inn will not be held liable for any unforeseen events and/or events beyond our control that may prevent us from honoring our commitment to you. Efforts will be made to rectify any misfortune; however, all remedies are at the sold discretion of The Tumwater Inn and/or their agents.


If your reservation is for 30 guests, yet only 25 arrive, you will be charged the meals for the "5" persons that did not show up. Reservation counts may be changed up to 48 hours of arrival, and after that no changes will be accepted without management approval, via-fax, or printable E-Mail. The subsequent "approval" slip MUST accompany you and be presented upon arrival.


Groups are required to arrive within 15 minutes of their reservation arrival time. Groups that are late and have not called ahead of arrival time to change their arrival time, and received approval, will be charged $100.00 for every 30 minutes they are late to offset labor costs, lack of use of tables, tardiness, and inconsideration.

Special Needs

If you have a member in your group, or your group requires special dietary needs, you must let us know a minimum of 72 hours prior to arrival so that we can attempt to accommodate your special needs guest(s). You must receive approval from management that your needs can be accommodated prior to arrival and that "approval", in the form of printable EMail, and/or Fax authorization MUST accompany you and be presented upon arrival.

Weather Problems

From time to time, winter weather and/or severe adverse weather conditions can present a problem for busses, and they will be late due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, and the bus/group will be late, this is understandable. We will waive late charges as long as the bus calls us ahead of the scheduled arrival time so staff can be notified and attempt appropriate modifications to your schedule and/or expected service. Once again, The Tumwater Inn will not be held liable for circumstances beyond our control, and/or modifications or alterations required to fulfill our agreement in good faith.

Complimentary Meals

The Tumwater Inn will provide (1) complimentary meal if a group is over 20 persons in size; and will provide (2) complimentary meals if there is more than 40 in the group upon seating. Unfortunately we cannot provide any complimentary meals for groups smaller than 20 persons in size.

Call ahead, call first!

The aforementioned information is/are very limited guidelines. Therefore it is strongly recommended, for you to please call ahead and talk directly to our coordinator. (1-509-548-1477) before making any plans or assumptions that involve The Tumwater Inn. the Tumwater Inn requires contractual obligations met in advance of any services offered or rendered. We want your visit with us to be a special one, and a great time for everyone. Bar any unforeseen events or circumstances, advance planning is a must and required by the Tumwater Inn management/owner. Thank you, Sandy Owens Carmody.

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The Tumwater Inn caters on special occasions / Tour busses/groups are always welcome / Advance diet considerations. Always call first
1-509-548-1477 Sandy Owens Carmody

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Please contact us to make arrangements and discuss your special event.

Address:219 9th street, Leavenworth, WA. 98826 U.S.A.
Mail:P.O.Box 780, Leavenworth, WA. 98826
Phone: +509-548-1477 Office
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