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Posted by CJC • Corner of 9th and Commercial Streets, downtown Leavenworth, Washington, U.S.A.


The building The Tumwater Inn is located in, at the corner of 9th and Commercial streets, downtown Leavenworth Washington has been here for over 100 years, and there has been an eating and drinking establishment at this location for every one of the those years! And although the appearance of the building has changed as many times as the owners, this fine example of Bavarian architecture reflecting the communities current theme remains a wonderful landmark representing business excellence while continuing the fine tradition of a competitive eatery and spirits venue within Leavenworth's' vibrant tourist community. The present owner, Sandy Owens Carmody has designed her establishment around the outdoor wonderland that surrounds our town. The full service antique adorned bar is a fine example of the outdoor enthusiasts paradise that the small town is known for. Sleighs, fishing poles, period photos, snow shoes, skis, and other memorabilia adorn the Tumwater Inn's interior for our guests. Mrs., Carmody has operated this fine establishment for almost 30 years!

Tumwaters' music scene


Like many, and years ago, the Tumwater's owners saw the need for live music for our guests; something else, something special! We purchased an 1873 New England piano for starters. Made by the New England Piano Company, in the United States over 140 years ago! People from all over the world have come to play this piano; not because it sounds so good, but as one player commented, where else in the world can you find a 143 year old piano, made by one of the first ever piano makers in the United States, that the owners are going to let you play? We have since built a small stage in the lounge, provided musical instruments, sound equipment, amps, mics, and on Friday and Saturday nights, a great place for local musicians to play, and a greater place for people to meet. This has caught on around town, and now the rich diversity of our local music scene in Leavenworth has become an upper valley , eastern Washington, and world traveler must see musical event. At the Tumwater Inn we have never asked a cover charge, and never will. This fine music is for our guests, free of charge. We have dinner specials, and fine drink specials in addition to our already great late night bar menu. We fill up fast, seating is first come, first served, so please call ahead for seating and your favorite singers, musicians, songwriters, story tellers; we will always try to accommodate our special guests! The show starts at 8:00PM, and goes till we close. Get there early, no disappointments please! 509-548-4232, ask for the bar.

Tumwaters' menu


The Tumwater Inn diverse menu is one of the staples of good business. The Tumwater Inn listens to our guests, likes, dislikes, wants, needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to the effects of a changing society, yet the good business sense to retain that which is our cornerstone, quality ingredients, Bavarian, American dishes, hand cut steaks when ordered, homemade tangy krauts, spiced red cabbage, homemade schnitzels, slow roasted prime rib on week ends, pastas, homemade daily soups, homemade desserts, strudels, cakes, pies, great crisp salads, hot and cold sandwiches, breakfasts you can't find anywhere else! Come see what all the fuss is about, come to the Tumwater Inn for your dining pleasure. Our staff is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We offer quality entree's, fair pricing, and outstanding service. For the sensitive diets, our kitchen offers solutions. Let us know your concerns and sensitivities before ordering and we will try and accommodate. Call ahead with your needs and concerns, we will always try to accommodate, give over 100 years of experience a try, the Tumwater Team is waiting to serve you!

The Tumwater Ridge Room Lounge


The Tumwater Inn Ridge Room Lounge is famous in Leavenworth. In the early days, rail road workers, loggers, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters, skiers, boaters, campers all came to the Tumwater, a rose by any other name! Over the 100 + years the establishment has changed and so have our guests; in the old days, drinks and drinking came with the vibrant and sometimes wild territory. Like the eateries, the lounge has endured over the years, and today, not too many railroad workers, not too many loggers; the skiers, boaters, fishermen, campers, horse back riders, hikers, bicyclists, joggers, backpackers, swimmers, bird watchers, photography enthusiasts, including locals, visitors and world travelers and camera movie crews have taken over; everyone's coming through the doors! Live local stage music on weekends, never a cover charge, great drinks, specials; domestic, local, and imported wines and beers; local and imported drinks too! Spirits and liquors always a great selection for our guests. When your east of the Cascades, or west of the Mississippi, make the Tumwater Inn your base camp for outstanding menus, great service, fair prices, and quality entree's. Come step into history and sit where it all began, like many before you, make the Tumwater Inn the meeting place for you and your friends, make 9th and Commercial streets, your place away from home! The Tumwater Team is here for you!

The owner and the maintenance man


The owner, Sandy Owens Carmody, has owned and operated this fine establishment mostly by herself for almost thirty years! She has mixed fine tradition with her unique style and outstanding business acumen. Unlike new comers, over her many years, she has provided wages for hundreds of families throughout the upper and lower valleys while contributing her time to area non-profit organizations. She was vice president, and president of Leavenworth's chamber of commerce, vice president and president of the local Rotary club, where she is still a member on the board. She continues to be on the board of MEND, a non-profit charity organization. She has been nominated and accepted the honor of Royal Lady of the Autumn Leaves, where she traveled in and out of country representing the town of Leavenworth Washington in parades and fine dinner functions. She has been on the board of the Royal Bavarians, and on the board of Art in the Park organizations. She has two labs, Goldie and Blondie who wait for her every day to come home. She married Charles J. Carmody in 2001, on Valentines day so he would not forget their university; he is referred to as "Mr. Fix it" and "the maintenance man" around the valley, around town, and especially in the restaurant when breaking his diet.

The Tumwater Inn Dining Room


Dining is always a pleasure in the Tumwater Inn dining room because of the attention to detail. Clean, friendly atmosphere, 70" large screen for viewing while dining, and an attentive staff. Dining at the Tumwater can fill up fast, make arrangements to arrive early, especially during a festival event. Seating is limited throughout town when festivals occur, plan ahead, call ahead, 509-548-4232.

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